national parks series

Yellowstone mockup.jpg


A while ago, I began drawing a series of falling animals, inspired by my children's imaginary play, as they wrestled and leaped, pretending to be various species. I am often inspired by both the humor and the majesty of the creatures that roam around us, and as this series of drawings developed, it seemed a perfect fit for this project.

Felt Mt Rainier mockup.jpg


The falling animals of the National Parks series are designed to help raise conservation awareness. We have been entrusted with a world full of magnificent creatures, and our responsibility to steward creation begins with the little things, and the best place to learn responsibility is in the home. Decorate your kids room, etc

Felt Banner Olympic mockup.jpg

Pennant BAnners

These felt pennant banners are great for home or office.

Yellowstone t shirt mockup.jpg


Sport your conservationism around town! 

Cuyahoga coffee mockup.jpg


Coffee. Conservation. It's how you start every day.