I love cartography. I love the way that a few simple lines can convey the richness of geography, the wild and varied coastlines and borders of the lands we inhabit. Maps are powerful storytellers, reminding us of where we’ve come from and where we’re trying to go.

Sailing Alone Around the World Map blue on cream-02.png

sailing alone around the world

This map was inspired by the daring voyage of Joshua Slocum, who became the first man to solo sail around the globe.

Michigan Map 11x14-01.png

michigan state map

For long time, I’ve wanted to do some map designs of the United States. This commission project was just the right thing to kick it off! What states would you like to see?

The Holy Land Map.png

holy land map

This map was designed to commemorate a trip some dear friends of mine took to Israel. I love creating custom work like this because it adds to the already human and personal nature of maps.