nautical illustration


Who can resist the siren call of the sea? From the vast majesty of the ocean to the spectacular patterns of the coral reef, the seas are a feast for the eyes and the imagination. Though Iā€™m still a bit of a landlubber, I love the incredible richness of ocean life and the appeal of all things nautical!

The Spray.png
Vertical 8x10s-12.png

The Anchor & The octopus

Horzontal 8x10-03.png

the harpoon

Nautical Creatures-01.png


Nautical Creatures-07.png


Vertical 8x10s-11.png

the anchor

Vertical 8x10s-07.png

true north

Nautical Creatures-05.png


Nautical Creatures-03.png

common seadragon

Vertical 8x10s-15.png

the kraken

Horzontal 8x10-07.png

the narwhal

Nautical Creatures-02.png

leafy seadragon

Nautical Creatures-06.png


The Waters Below.png